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The Edge walk at the CN tower in Toronto, Canada
Travel / The Edge Walk on the CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
1,168 feet up (356 m)

This travel section or the 'play' portion of Wine Dine and Play includes articles of adventure, traveling to unique places around the world, and seeing wonders of the natural world and the man-made ones as well.


The Desert Castle:
To whet your appetite, travel to the desert sands of Jordan near the borders of Israel and Saudi Arabia in the Bedouin lands of Wadi Muse. There you will find carved into the mountains and steep rocks an ancient Nabatean City called ‘Raqmu' that was established as early as 300 BC. It was an important center for trade and commerce, that flourish until a catastrophic earthquake destroyed buildings and crippled vital water management around AD 663. During the Crusades and Saladin's conquest of the Middle East in 1189, the area was abandoned and forgotten about until a Swiss explorer named Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, disguised as an Arab scholar, infiltrated the Bedouin-occupied City in 1812. Today this city is one of the Seven Wonders Of The World. The city is Petra

The famous castle at Petra in Jordan
Travel / The Castle
The tops at Petra in Jordan
Travel / The Tombs
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade site at Petra in Jordan
Travel / Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, and John Rhys-Davies
In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989


Kings Cross Station:

Next, we go to London for a Hogwarts adventure where the city offers tourism sites spread far and wide with many things to see from the Medieval Times, Jack The Ripper, to World War Two, and beyond. It is a modern city with Michelin star restaurants, Big Ben, the Tower Of London, and much more. What you may not expect to find for a tourist destination is a train station. Now if your traveling, it is the place to go especially if you are a fan of a book and movie series from the early 2000s. So on your way from London to wherever you are going, when you're in Kings Cross Station, be a 'Muggle' and visit the area between platform tracks 9 and 10. You will find train platform  9 ¾ from Harry Potter.

The Platform  9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station in London for Harry Potter fans
Travel / Platform  9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station, London


Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio:

When you think of Chicago, great restaurants, museums, Al Capone, and speakeasy's come to mind. So if you stop at The Drake Hotel, and one of the restaurants inside called the CafĂ© on Oak which used to be called the Cape Cod Room which served New England style cuisine and was a city icon for 80 years. At the wood bar when you sit down to order your drink, look around and see the sketches of different initials into the wood. Two of them are MM and JD for Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio.

The wood bar sketched with the initials of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio at The Drake Hotel in Chicago
Travel /  Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio


An Iraqi Goat Herder

When you think of Iraq, pleasent pictures do not come to mind. But awya from the fighting and politics people are trying to go about there normal lives. Something you don't see everyday when your traveling from Baghdad to Basrah on a six-hour journey with nothing to see but sand, coming upon an Iraqi goat herder riding on a donkey makes you do a double take. Talk about sustainable food, goats milk and cheese!!

While driving from Baghdad to Basrah in Iraq through the desert, I came across a goat herder riding a donkey. Something you don't see everyday.
Travel /  Iraqi Goat Herder

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