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 This page is a collection of videos from the many adventure travels, recipes, restaurants, and wineries that have been written about here on Wine Dine and Play. 

Gansbaai, South Africa, 2013

Shark Cage diving with Great whites in Gansbaai, South Africa

South Africa has many wonders. Beyond the great restaurants and wine, the rolling hills and mountains, there are many other sights to be seen. When people think of Africa the first thing that comes to mind is what is seen on CNN or the Discovery Channel. One of the many great wonders and adventures is in the deep blue sea. Close to where the two oceans merge on the Atlantic Ocean side is a place called False Bay, which is home to a large group of Great White Sharks. This where the footage for Shark Week is filmed. As part of the Great White Shark Tours Company, you get to go on an adventure into a cage, in very cold water and come face to face with Jaws.


McMurdo Station, December 2014

The Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star is an icebreaker ship in Antarctica near McMurdo Station

Global warming? The largest American base on the frozen continent is on Ross Island named McMurdo Station. Ross Island is surrounded by the McMurdo Sound which then connects to the Pacific Ocean. Every year the sound freezes over and can get up to 20 feet thick, with the ocean world below it. Before the summer comes to an end, the base must be resupplied, and the Coast Guard provides an Ice Breaker ship called the Polar Star to clear a path for the resupply ships to come in. This video is of the ship in action.

See the article on 8 months at McMurdo here


Kabul, Afghanistan - October 2013

Afghan cuisine is the focus with the making of their recipe style of naan flatbread

Naan is a leavened baked flatbread popular across most of central and southern Asia, especially India where it is called chapati. In Persian, the bread is referred to as nān (نان). Generally, the flatbread resembles pita and the recipes are nearly identical. The unleavened variety of naan is called roti.  Traditionally naan is cooked in a tandoor oven as seen in the video below, then brushed with ghee or butter, and can be used to stuff with meats such as mutton or vegetables. This video is part of the Afghan Cuisine article which includes recipes, markets, and the culture of food in that war-torn land. 

See the full article on Afghan Cuisine by clicking here 


Chicago, Illinois - July 2013

The desert presentation at Alinea restaurant in Chicago, Illinois is the focus for this United States video article

You sit down to a fantastic meal, dressed formally, with course after course of a fantastic display in molecular gastronomy. The restaurant is Alinea, rated in the top lists of the best restaurant in the world from the Elite Travelers to San Pellegrino, along with a 3-star rating by Michelin. The dessert is presented on a special mat that was placed on the table, then Chef Mike Bagale went to work. The selection for the evening was a pâte sucrée, truly wonderful and a perfect ending to a beautiful meal, that I will not soon forget.

pâte sucrée at Alinea, 2013


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