Wine Dine and Play: The Grand food and Beverage Dictionary - Part 9 "I"

The Grand food and Beverage Dictionary - Part 9 "I"

Part 9

The Grand Food and Beverage Dictionary
By Sean Overpeck (CFE


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A glossary of terms used in recipes, cookbooks, wine lists, culinary journals, festival guides, and restaurants from around the world:
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“This glossary is large but incomplete, and it is constantly being updated and revised. I encourage you the reader as a lover of food, beer, liquor, and wine to recommend any additions or modifications to this dictionary.”

– Chef Sean, September 2013

Last Updates made on April 15, 2017 with along way to go


Ice Cream: Made with a combination of milk products (usually cream combined with fresh, condensed, or dry milk), a sweetening agent (sugar, honey, corn syrup, or artificial sweetener) and sometimes-solid additions such as pieces of chocolate, nuts, and/or fruit. 
Ice Cream Cone:
Ice Plant:
Ice Wine or Icewine:
Iceberg Lettuce:
Iced Tea:
Idaho Potato:
Imperial Eclipse Stout - Elijah Craig (12 Year): American Double / Imperial Stout / 9.50% ABV Fifty-Fifty Brewing Co.
Imperial Russian Stout: Russian Imperial Stout / 10.50% ABV Stone Brewing Co.
Ina Garten:
Indian Bread: India is a large country with many regions; each has its preferred breads (all flatbreads), and different grains and blends are used in different regions. The styles vary from moist to dry, and leavened to unleavened Some are discussed further here: see chapati, Dosa, naan and paratha.
Indian Kale:
Indienne: Dishes made in the style of India and generally containing curry powder as the main seasoning
Ingrid Hoffmann (Chef):
Infusion: Steeping in a hot liquid producing a flavor that is extracted from an ingredient such as tealeaves, herbs, coffee, or fruit. In today's culinary parlance, sauces that have been variously flavored (as with herbs) are also called infusions.  
Injera: A flatbread staple of Ethiopia, Eritrea, northern Kenya, Somalia, and the Sudan, injera is fermented sour bread. It is baked in large, round pancake-like pieces and used instead of both plates and utensils. Stews and salads are placed upon the bread; pieces are torn up for eating.
Irish Red ale: Red ale, or Irish ale is a name used by brewers in Ireland; Smithwick's is a typical Irish red ale.
IPA (India Pale Ale): American IPA / 6.90% ABV Stone Brewing Company
Irish Soda Bread: A variety of white and brown soda breads is popular in Ireland, often containing raisins. See soda bread. 
Irish stew: A white lamb stew generally made with lamb, carrots, turnips, potatoes, onions, dumplings, and seasonings
Italian bread: Is a generic term. In general, Italian bread is similar to French bread (also a generic term), but the loaves are shorter and plumper, while French loaves are longer and narrower.
Italian-American Cuisine:
Italian Cheeses:
Italian Cuisine:
Italienne: Made in the Italian style and generally using some sort of pasta
Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout: Russian Imperial Stout / 10.00% ABV Big Sky Brewing Company
Ivory/Albufera Sauce: Glace de viande Velouté based sauce.

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Part 9
of the Grand Dictionary of Food and Beverages complete

Sean Overpeck (CFE)
Executive Chef
Father, Husband, Wine Drinker
Restaurant nut, History and 
Star Trek lover

About Sean:

I am based out of St. Petersburg, Florida working in the food service industry for over twenty years, and am currently with the American Embassy as the Executive Chef. Formally I have worked with groups contracting in Afghanistan, and Antarctica, also working in restaurants in and around Atlanta, Georgia prior to the wars. I have also owned a catering company and served proudly in the United States Army Food Service Program. The idea for Wine, Dine, and Play started in late 2012 after a trip to Jordan, when I was asked by friends to write down the experiences from a few restaurants, wine from the region that I tasted, and locations of interest such as Petra. Since that time, over 300 articles have been written, including fifteen restaurants from the worlds top 100 lists of San Pellegrino and the Elite Travelers Guide. There are articles on exotic world locations such as Victoria Falls, and South African Safari’s; food recipes & Grand Food Dictionaries; ethnic country cuisines such as Afghan, and Peruvian; tasting tours of world cities like Charleston, Cape Town, and Dubai; and of course wine from vineyards in California, Oregon, the Carolina’s, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, with much more to see and write about.

Who is John Galt?

“Culinary perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, 
But in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”
-Angelique Arnauld (1591-1661)

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