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Bon Appétit Waterfront Restaurant

The logo of Bon Appétit restaurant in Dunedin, Florida

From Burrata to Lobster, Bon Appétit
Dunedin, Florida USA
Cuisine Style: Contemporary American, European
Average Price: $$
Overall Rating: 3/5
Dined in: August 2018
By Sean Overpeck (CFE)
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Bon Appétit Executive Chef:
Klaus Riedl
Chef Klaus Riedl of Bon Appétit Waterfront restaurant in Dunedin, Florida

Sous Chef: 
Cirino Cruz

Bon Appétit Waterfront Restaurant owned by Peter Kreuziger and his wife offers a casual eclectic blend of classical European and American cuisines using simple, fresh, and sometimes organic ingredients. You can enjoy waterfront dining on tables presented with linen tablecloths, upscale place settings, and fantastic views of the St. Joseph Sound in Dunedin, Florida.

First settled in 1852 and incorporated in 1899, the city of Dunedin’s name comes from Dùn Èideann, the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh and is home to several beaches, including Honeymoon Island, and Caladesi Islands State Park. The downtown business district is notable for its absence of large commercial signage, corporate franchise restaurants, or chain retail stores plus is home to the Dunedin Brewery, Florida's oldest microbrewery. Near the Bon Appétit are a Farmer’s Market, Art Walk, Fashion Show, food festivals, and more events that happen every month. You can enjoy the same menu and Gulf views at the alfresco marina cafe and terrace, or the waterfront Bar all attached to the main restaurant, overlooking the St. Joseph Sound. Chef Klaus Riedl creates the menus to showcase weekly specials, comfort foods, and seasonal items all in addition to the regular menu. If you’re arriving by boat you can also dock free of charge at the Dunedin Public Marina, adjacent to the restaurant.

    • Chef Specials
    • Small Plates and Such
    • Salads
    • Soups
    • Favorites
    • Comfort Food Specials
    • Chef’s Recommendations
    • Featured Entrees
    • Three Course Specials
    • Kids Menu
    • Waterside Table Menu
    • Sunday Brunch
    • Desserts

My wife and I sat at the outdoor waterfront bar enjoying the breeze coming off the sound on this warm summer day just after the lunch rush seeing that the cafe, terrace, and the bar was still busy with people. My wife had a glass of rosé from the Fleur de Mer winery in Provence, France which according to the winemakers' notes is a classic Provençal Rosé that evokes aromas and flavors of fresh watermelon, cherry, subtle citrus, lavender, and Mediterranean herbs. It is medium-bodied, fresh and elegant with a soft texture and mineral finish. Balanced and refreshing acidity. Fleur de Mer is crafted by winemaker Florian Lacroux of the 50-year-old cooperative, Les Maîtres Vignerons de Saint-Tropez. I had water as I was still a little hung over from the night before, and not in the mood to drink. 

We shared the first dish of a burrata over a roasted tomato beet salad with micro greens, a bacon balsamic vinaigrette, and a grilled baguette topped with an olive oil drizzle. Burrata means "buttered" in Italian. At first glance, burrata resembles a ball of mozzarella. But it is softer, and when cut, has an interior that spills or goo’s out, revealing a soft stringy curd of fresh cream. If you love fresh mozzarella, ricotta, or any type of cream cheese (I love brie!!), this will be right up your alley. Burrata is not to be mistaken for mozzarella, and it is not buffala mozzarella, although it's made from buffalo milk. Burrata is however made from the little scraps of mozzarella di bufala that are leftover in the cheesemakers vat, that used to get discarded until a cheese genius somewhere at sometime discovered how good the leftovers really were. Burrata originates from Puglia, Italy and any imported burrata will be from that region, plus restaurants are now making it more in-house as well. 

Burrata salad with beets and a bacon vinaigrette at Bon Appétit restaurant in Dunedin, Florida
Bon Appétit / Burrata

As my entree arrived, my wife got a serving of the French onion soup gratinée (to cook au gratin). The Gruyere was melted onto the top of the soup bowl and crusted over to a dark golden brown, with a wonderful aroma and excellent tasting soup, with strong beef and red wine flavor profiles, and a sweeter onion taste. The other soup listed on their menu was a shrimp and smoked sausage gumbo.  

Prepared au gratin style this is a nice French onion soup at Bon Appétit restaurant in Dunedin, Florida
Bon Appétit / French onion soup gratinée

For my entree, I had the lobster avocado stack, with a heaping scoop of both avocado and lobster-shaped from a round bowl, topped with micro greens and dollops of a European brandy dressing. The avocado was fresh, with a little seasoning flavor, while the lobster was perfectly poached and cooled. As I ate the dish I felt that it was missing something, and could have used a lemon slurry or vinaigrette on top of the brandy dressing, but overall still a good dish. 

A lobster avocado stack with brandy dressing at Bon Appétit restaurant in Dunedin, Florida
Bon Appétit / Lobster Avocado Stack

Though my wife and I had a light meal, she had been several times before going back many years, it was a wonderful outing and I look forward to returning in the future to try more of the menu.

We did not partake in dessert during this visit, but some of the items on their menu of interest include a chocolate mousse, strawberry coupe with melba sauce, an assorted mini pastry sampler, and a white, milk, and dark Chocolate Parfait called the trilogy.
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Overall Star Rating:
3 of 5 Stars: 
83% Rating with a 1 point “wow” bonus
Exceed My Expectations in a Dining Experience
Wine List:
Bon Appétit Wine rating:
5 of 10
Old World selections: 
France, Germany, Italy
New World selections: 
Argentina, Australia,  California, Oregon
Corkage fees:
Bon Appétit has a corkage fee of $25.00 per bottle
Restaurant style:
Casual dining
Cuisine Style at Bon Appétit:
American, European-Continental
Allergen or dietary accommodations: 
Low Carb Choices, Pescatarian, Vegetarian Options
Not Required, but Recommended
Accepted, but not guaranteed
Dress code:
Smart casual to Casual attire

It’s Florida, everybody wear’s flip-flops!
Child policy:

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Noise level:
Low to Medium
Bon Appétit is a non-smoking restaurant with a non-smoking patio and bar
Patio or terrace:


Food Prices 
(excludes, alcohol, taxes & 20% gratuity’s)

$£€¥ -                Under 50.00 (inexpensive)
$£€¥ x 2 -          51.00- 99.00 (moderate)
$£€¥ x 3 -          Over 100.00 (pricey)
$£€¥ x 4 -          Over 200.00 (expensive)
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 Alcohol prices:

$9.00 USD

Bon Appétit:

148 Marina Plaza
Dunedin, Florida 

Contact Information: 

Restaurant website:
Maître d or host:
+1 727-733-2151
Online reservations
Website Contact:

Email Us:

Serving hours:
Eastern Standard Time
(GMT, Zulu, or UTC - 5:00)

Fri - Sat
11:30 am - 10:00 pm
Sun - Thur
11:30 am - 9:00 pm
Happy Hour: Daily 
11:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Social Media 
Accolades for Bon Appétit:
Bon Appétit Facebook link                

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