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Boas Quintas Wines

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Mortágua, Portugal
Giesta Dão 

When American’s drink wines, we think about Napa, Bordeaux, Stellenbosch, or Piedmont, but not the Dão wine region. Most Americans or others would have no idea where it is even located. Hell I didn’t until I drank the wine, enjoyed it, then started researching it for this review. Now we’ve all heard of Port Wines, and can automatically say Portugal, but Dão is also in Portugal just south of the Port producing regions, and Boas Quintas Wines is a major player.

Review basics:

Wine Dine and Play’s Rating
84/100 on the Giesta Dão
International Wine Challenge UK
Bronze 2012 on the Quinta da Fonte do Ouro Reserve
Wines Produced
Red: Red Blend
White: White Blend
Dessert: Port
Grape Blends
Red: Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Tinta Roriz,  Jaen, Encruzado, Alicante Bouschet, Tinta Barroca, Tinto Cão, Syrah and Aragonez
White: Encruzado, Cerceal Branco,  Fernão Pires, Arinto, Moscatel, and Malvasia Fina
Current Vintage for 2014
Reds: 2010
Whites: 2012
Region Map

Barrel Types
French oak

Price chart:
$ -                    Under $50.00 USD
$$ -                  Over   $50.00 USD
$$$ -                Over $100.00 USD
$$$$ -              Over $200.00 USD
$$$$$-             Over $400.00 USD
Bottle prices:
Currencies chosen reflect the world’s major wine producers and buyers

Wine Selction:
Price Chart :
Giesta Dão 2010 (750 ml)

$ 15.00
United States Dollar (USD)

£ 8.89
Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP)

European Union (EUR)
$ 16.37
Canadian Dollar (CAN)
¥ 92.51
Chinese Yuan (CNY) 
$ 16.18
Australian Dollar (AUS)
R 160.84
South African Rand (ZAR)
$ 124.02
Argentine Peso (ARS)
$ 8660.39
Chilean Peso (CLP)
$ 17.70
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

From vineyards home page:
One Winemaker, Various Regions, with estates in the Dão, Setúbal Peninsula and Alentejo, the Boas Quintas philosophy is held on diversity, therefore defending that each wine has its own nature and identity. Boas Quintas started in 1991 in the Dão region, but only in 2010 did it expand to a multi-regional project that utilized the best of the Quinta da Giesta, Quinta do Garro, Quinta da Fonte do Ouro and Herdade da Gâmbia estates. After receiving praise from critics and winning several awards since 1998, the expansion into the new estates and regions ensured the transition from a family business to an ambitious project of wine production in the regions of Dão, Setúbal Peninsula and Alentejo.

Main review:
The Giesta Dão by the Boas Quintas Winery is one of many varietals that they produce. I received the wine as part of a shipment of wines from a club that I had just canceled, because most of the wines they sent me were crap. That is except for the Giesta Dão. Well I guess even a blind squirrel has to find a nut sometimes.  It was a very smooth and rich wine, and was produced using three grapes I had never heard of. But considering there are over 5000 grape varieties in this world, it was a conclusion that one day I would run into one that I had never heard of before.  Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, and Jaen grapes make up the blend, and it is a wine you can find in the United States and Western Europe if you know where to look.

Bouquet and Palette:

Wine & Grape:
Palette Experience:
Touriga Nacional 32%, Tinta Roriz 45%, and Jaen 23%
This wine has a wonderful natural freshness, with floral highlights and succulent, ripe red fruit.
Smooth, easy drinking on its own and just right for rich winter casseroles and Summer grills.

Château Owner:
Nuno d´Orey Cancela de Abreu

José Fonseca

Nuno Cancela de Abreu

Vineyard &Tasting Room address:  
Rua Doutor João Lopes de Morais 4
Mortágua, Portugal


Cross streets:
Rua Tomas da Fonseca & Rua Aveiro

Contact Information:

Tasting room:
+ 351 231 921 076
Social Media

Facebook Link               

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