Wine Dine and Play: Wipe out Bar & Grill, Pier 39

Wipe out Bar & Grill, Pier 39

The Wipeout Bar and Grill on Pier 39 of Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

Bummer Dude, Complete Wipe-Out
San Francisco, California
Cuisine Style: American, Californian
Average Price: $
Overall Rating: 0.5/5
Dined in: July 2013
Article Updated: February 2020
By Sean Overpeck (CFE)
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Wipeout Zomato rating:

Wipeout Bar & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Proprietor / Manager:
Simmons Family

When you think of the word wipe out, it takes you to the beach and watching surfers ride the waves and then come across a big spiral tube, then wipe out. The Wipeout Bar and Grill on Pier 39 in Fisherman’s Wharf may be a classic venue for casual dining and a tourist grabber. Hell, I will be honest, the funny signposts, fire pit, and outdoor bar drew me in for lunch the day I visited the wharf. Aesthetics aside, when it came to service and food, the only story I can tell, is that it was not only a wipeout but that a great white shark ate the surfer type of wipeout.

Wipeout Bar and Grill opened on Pier 39 in 2005 shortly after the Simmons family (Scooter, Nancy, and their children) explored the California coast in search of the best surf food and beach shacks. The family drew on this experience to create yet another one of their concepts, which is reminiscent of the classic beach restaurants they visited.

Wipeout Menu:
    • Screamin’ Starters
    • Shredding Salads
    • Paddlin’ Pizzas
    • Fried Seafood
    • Big Wave Bowls
    • Wipeout Burgers
    • Surfin Sandwiches
    • Baja Tacos
    • Burritos
    • Kids Menu
    • Desserts

It was a busy morning, waiting in line for tickets to Alcatraz only to discover that they were sold out for two weeks, then walking up and down Fisherman’s Wharf, only to discover, that it was a typical tourist trap, and who knows where all the fisherman were, because I saw a few boats. Pier 39 was no different from the tourist mecca, filled with shops and restaurants. The best part was watching the Sea Lions. I was visiting San Francisco and now on day two of the tour, it was about time for lunch, and the Wipeout Bar and Grill drew me because of the patio, fire pit, open bar, and funny signposts such as “man-eating shark at table 7” and “no lifeguard on duty drink at your own risk”. The menu was typical bar food and sounded perfect for a basic day around San Francisco.

Some signs from the patio dining room at the Wipeout Bar and Grill in San Francisco
Wipeout Grill / Signs

Service greeting to the table took over five minutes, and I was close to getting up and leaving if someone did not at least come over to say hello, and that they would be right back to help. Once the server did come over, I had already looked over the menu and knew what to eat. I ordered the California burger medium-rare, which had melted jack cheese, guacamole, and bacon served on a toasted bun with French fries and ice-cold beer. Now the patio was busy with people all over the place, and inside was even more packed. About five minutes after I ordered, while I was sipping on my beer, a couple sat down right next to me, and the lady ordered the same burger as me, at the same temperature. Now I mention this for a specific reason. Because once my food arrived, it was cooked well done. I waited and looked for my server, and could not find him. I got up and asked for him, with even less help. I was hungry and did not feel like waiting. What I should have done was just walk back to the kitchen and request a new one.

The California burger with bacon and guacamole at the Wipeout Grill in San Francisco
Wipeout Grill / California Burger

Now, the couple next to me got their food delivered. She cut into her burger and it was a perfect medium-rare. Finally, once our server arrived to see how I was doing, my burger was half-eaten. I explained that the lady next to me had her order correct and mine was not. If the service staff was more attentive and did not disappear, then maybe I could have talked with the guy after one bite and gotten a new burger. Now, with the number of people they serve per day, this one little negative review probably means nothing, but if I’m going to pay $14.00 for a burger, then I want it cooked the way I order it, and when I go to any restaurant or Bar and Grill, I want attentive service, not an order taker. If I wanted an order taker with a burnt burger, I would go to Burger King or McDonald’s. However, they do not serve beer, so at least Wipeout is still one-step ahead of them.

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The Sea Lions resting on Pier 39 of Fisherman's Wharf next to Wipeout Grill in San Francisco
Wipeout Grill / Sea Lions

I did not have dessert during this visit.

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 Alcohol prices:

$7.00 USD

Wipeout Bar and Grill:

39 Pier 39 Concourse A02 
San Francisco, CA 94133

Restaurant website:
Maître d or host:
 +1 (415) 986-5966 
Email Us:
Serving hours:

Pacific Standard Time (GMT, Zulu, or UTC-8:00)

Sun - Thur
9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat
9:00 am - 11:00 pm
Social Media 
Accolades for 
Wipeout Grill:
Wipeout Facebook link                

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